Wednesday, May 19, 2010

JCK show and pricing update

As most of you know, our brand, Ohm beads, has been out for over a year now, and we just celebrated an "official" brand launch during the JCK wholesale show. Vegas, Baby! :-)

The charms have been offered at an introductory price, and are now at their regular value. All stores (online and brick) are simultaneously meeting the MSRP (manufactured retail price, which takes into account the rising cost of silver and costs involved with the creation of this fine jewelry). Remember, I'm the designer, not the company owner, but I am spreading the word so everyone understands these changes. After June 1st, you will still be getting them at very competitive market prices, which will be consistent from all sources.

You have been investing in the highest quality, solid silver, collectible, heirloom quality charms. Some designs you have are now retired, putting them in the rare category, and some have been special edition. As the Ohm bead brand name grows, so will our company and collector-family. You can continue to buy directly from me at Charmish, and get on my fav customer list or facebook page to be informed of sales and specials.

Upcoming: many new, exciting designs coming your way, including the summer series, more Pave crystal, new holiday designs, a line of children's beads, and explorations in enamel color process!


One of my displays for the JCK show. The booth was so cute and inviting in all pinks and brown!

I loved meeting so many new Ohm Beads fans at our booth. We had visitors from all over the world and the word is: charm bead collecting is hot, hot, HOT! Thank you for all the exciting feedback about the amazing detail our jewelers are able to put into each charm, and for adoring my playful, original designs. We used large posters of Surprised Octopus, the Sock Monkey, and star studded Robot to amuse our visitors. It seems other charm companies are more conservative and traditional. We had a great show.

That famous Vegas desert sunset!

Bellagio water ballet

Zodiac Charms!

This week's " What's New Wednesday " features the new Zodiac series. Oooo, la la! The charms have three sides, so there's room to show off all the special features for each sign. You get a picture of your sign's representation, you get the symbol, and a special stone for each one.

These are first run, so I have only one of each to start, then I'll get a restock.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Charm bead give-away!

Share the LOVE give-away.

To enter in this drawing for a free LOVE charm bead, simply subscribe to Charmish blog or facebook fan page and leave a comment at either site. Check back next Friday to see who won! For Charmish Beads fans only. Happy Friday!!!!

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Have a CHARMING week, Ladies!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girls Rule! - "What's New Wednesday" Product Review

Girls Rule! We know why we are fabulous. Flaunt it!

Gift this to a friend who may need a little reminding. Great charm for roller derby girls/fans, and pirate lassies!

New to European charm bracelets?
Join in the latest style of charm bracelets and beads! The bracelet you design, collect, and change on a whim. These are hot all over the world. Get started with a sterling cable bracelet, and collect all the charms that represent your life, what you love, what you celebrate about yourself. Click the photo to jump to my shop, if you like.