Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Does she love sewing?  Does she love quilting?  Hand embroidery?  I've designed this charm bead just for her.  Drop by my Charmish etsy shop and see all the other charms for crafters I have in stock.

 Charmish beads are universal fit with all other European charm bead brand bracelets, solid sterling silver, and threaded, so your beads stay put.  Shipping is always free, even internationally.  It's my gift to you.

The perfect holiday gift for the stitcher in your life.   I have designed this thread spool charm with great care and detail.  She'll love to wear this on her European charm bead bracelet all year around. 

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Friday, August 5, 2011

New island travel charm beads

New from Ohm Beads, this little cutie ukulele playing, hula girl, wearing her lei and singing the most charming Hawaiian charms, and Honu the sea turtle. I designed these for our travel series after being inspired by our first trip to the Island of Kauai last fall.

I want these charms to remind you of the beauty and peace of the Hawaiian islands, your favorite vacation/time there, the lap of the waves, gorgeous underwater world, scent of the night blooming flowers, fresh fish and fruit, ukulele songs, and the wonderful local people.

To buy them from me, click on the images and you'll arrive at my etsy shop. If you find they are not in stock at the time of your visit, just email me and I'll order you one. :-)

I wanna go back, to my little grass shack.....

Honu the sea turtle has a beautifully enameled back and the Hibiscus flower engraved on his tummy. With this little friend on your wrist, you can surf the waves daily.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Charm beads for crafters and artists

My new crafter's charm is on it's way..... hint, a Charmish exclusive that is the next design for us artist, crafter, creative types. The first one was the Sewing Machine/tomato pin cushion set, then the I love Knitting, and the Paint Palette, and exclusive for Charmish, I designed the Cute Sheep for the fiber arts fiends.

What will this new design be? Stay tuned, they are on their way...... :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dolphin Friend

The perfect bead to celebrate summer, the ocean, and that amazing vacation you took..... designed by me for Ohm Beads summer release. You can get your special dolphin friend directly from me at my Charmish shop on Etsy.

Happy summer, and please remember to keep your bracelets out of the ocean, the pool, and hot tubs. Give them a rinse and pat dry once in a while, and a nice buffing with a polish cloth.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Charm Earrings

Beautiful hoops you can wear your charm beads on! Slide on your fav color glass, pave, or silver charms to match your European charm bracelet or your outfit.

These were designed in collaboration, and hand made by my friend, and local silver smith, Annie of Barefoot Pony. I'm wearing my pair right now. They are so pretty and comfortable, I find myself reaching for them most mornings.

Solid sterling silver and made with love. 1.5 inches long.

Visit my shop to see my line of charm beads and bracelets. Stay in tune on my facebook page: Charmish Beads.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting Charm beads are Baaaaaaaaad

Show off your knitting addiction with this bbbbbbaaaaaad little Sheep charm bead. Your new wee friend represents sheep, wool, knitting, crochet, needle felting, and fiber arts involving natural fibers. Designed by me especially for you! Solid silver with the 925 stamp, threaded, and fits all major brands of bracelet like pandora, chamilia, zable, ohm, trollbeads. I love offering free world wide shipping because it feels like we are all just neighbors who share the same hobbies.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yar! It's the pirates!

Ah! The dreaded Captain Pirate Bunny, brandishing three carrots. He may have an eye patch and a peg leg, but he's still the best pirate captain around!

Visit all the pirate charms I've designed at my etsy shop, Charmish. Collect them all to show you are a true pirate lass!

Get all three pirate designs for a great price with this set. You'll be thrilled with the tiny detail work. Crest with five skulls, Ship with tiny sails, cannons, and even the waves lapping at the bottom, and the Bunny Pirate of course!

What will you name your wee pirate ship?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday cake charm beads for spring

Spring birthday cakes are in!
March, April, May in solid silver for your charm bracelet.
Have your cake and wear it forever.

To make this a very special gift, engrave her name and birthday on the bottom, at your local engraver's shop.

Designed and sold by me, free world wide shipping. All my charms are compatible with other major brands.

Happy Spring!!! Aly

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silver Polish Cloths for your European Charm Beads

I am happy to announce that you can get your polish cloths from me as you order your charms. This is a perfectly cute little package, and polish cloth that you can store in your jewelry box or purse.

These original Silver Polishing Cloths are made from 100% high-quality cotton impregnated with a unique cleaning and anti-tarnish agent. All that's needed is a gentle rub from time to time and your silver will be kept clean and bright.

This is the brand I use on my charms.

While we are on the subject, remember not to soak your bracelets in water (no hot tubbing, or dish washing for your charming friends!). You may wipe them down with a damp towel, and blot dry, then give them all a little polish with the cloth. You'll be thrilled with the results.

If you mention that you saw this article, you may get a free charm with the purchase of your next two beads.

Happy February!

Guys Love Etsy

Over the holidays, and now, as Valentine's day approaches, I noticed how many of my customers are men. Welcome guys!

Etsy has been a popular place for women artists and designers to sell their work to the world, and the customers have predominantly been female as well. Guys have now discovered all the goodness to be found for their sweeties and their mothers here on Etsy. It's a bounty for gorgeous, handmade, special holiday gifts that can be found nowhere else!

I love that my customers give their fellas their wish list, or tell them, "Anything Charmish!!!"

I also am starting to see more guys buying and wearing charms on my leather bracelets. They tend to wear one at a time, or a few charms, spaced out along the bracelet with locks to hold them in the arrangement.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

New spiritually themed charm

Customers have requested a feminine cross charm for their collection. Here's my brand new design. It's unique, pretty, almost celtic styled swirls, with an embossed heart at it's center. I hope you like it.

designer of all things Charmish, also known by their brand name Ohm Beads

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I took your money and ran!

Dear Charmish Bead friends, I thought that you would want to know that I took your money and ran.......straight to the post office to help a family in need!

That's a silly way to talk about it, but I got your attention, didn't I?

Silliness aside, I really do want you to know that some of the money you spent on charm beads over the holidays (gifts you bought for loved ones and even your own collection) went to helping a really sweet family. They used to live in my neighborhood, and had to move to a different city to get specialized cancer treatment for the mother. She is young, strong, positive, and working hard with excellent care. I want you to know that our combined money went to support this family.

February will mark Charmish Beads second anniversary. With your friendship, patronage, and sharing my link with your friends (word of mouth) my business has grown wonderfully, I'm very happy to share some of the success and will continue to do so.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hamsa, Star of David, Jewish Charm bead

I'm proud to share my new design with you, the very special Hamsa, with Jewish Star of David on one side, and Chai symbol on the other side.

This is a beautiful charm celebrating Jewish heritage and faith. A great addition to your charm bead bracelet and it looks lovely solo on a chain necklace.

My beads have the internal threading and are fully compatible with all major brands like Pandora, Troll beads, Chamilia, Biagi. Available from me at my Charmish shop on Etsy.