Friday, August 5, 2011

New island travel charm beads

New from Ohm Beads, this little cutie ukulele playing, hula girl, wearing her lei and singing the most charming Hawaiian charms, and Honu the sea turtle. I designed these for our travel series after being inspired by our first trip to the Island of Kauai last fall.

I want these charms to remind you of the beauty and peace of the Hawaiian islands, your favorite vacation/time there, the lap of the waves, gorgeous underwater world, scent of the night blooming flowers, fresh fish and fruit, ukulele songs, and the wonderful local people.

To buy them from me, click on the images and you'll arrive at my etsy shop. If you find they are not in stock at the time of your visit, just email me and I'll order you one. :-)

I wanna go back, to my little grass shack.....

Honu the sea turtle has a beautifully enameled back and the Hibiscus flower engraved on his tummy. With this little friend on your wrist, you can surf the waves daily.

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