Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New treats for Twilight fans

Good news for Twilight fans, my Vampire and Werewolf Love charm bead set is back in stock. These are my charm beads designed for European style charm bracelets, in solid silver. Free world wide shipping. Click the photos or this link to find your way to my etsy shop. Vampires and Werewolves are also available separately in case you have your heart set on your favorite. I won't tell who's more popular.

I also recommend the Books charm bead. Just to think, it all began with a book...........

Monday, June 21, 2010

Charmish is green!

Did you know that Charmish has a green office? Both literally and figuratively?

I purchase recycled office supplies, of 60-100 % post consumer content. Yes, even the fancy little charm boxes are made of recycled paper and cardboard.

I keep a file of old paper with a blank back side for use in sketching designs, making to do lists, and general office work.

I reuse all incoming cardboard packaging and envelopes. If the envelopes are clean and undamaged I send them out with orders or other outgoing shipments. If a box or envelope has been marked or damaged, it is used for office storage, or as a last step, packaging and boxes are shipped back to the recycling factory.

I have a request. Please recycle as much as you can on your end. Recycle your paper mail, envelopes, paper scraps, boxes, and breathe easy; next generation will thank us!

So if you receive a Charmish recycled, repaired package, with extra decorations of course, just smile, knowing I've done my job.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ARRRRR! It's the Pirate Charmbead Set!

Celebrate your inner pirate with this piratical charm bead SET which includes:
- the very original the peg-legged, one-eyed, carrot brandishing Pirate Bunny charm,
- the skull decorated, heart and sword Pirate Shield charm,
- and the Pirate ship itself.

A fantastical treasure for any pirate to behold!

ARRRrrrrr! Be sure to capture your set before International Talk Like A Pirate day on September 19th.

SAVE $5 when you buy all three in the set at once. Free international shipping.

Who IS this bunny? Hero or Villain?

Let us introduce you to Pirate Bunny, a humorous new charm from my pirate collection. He’s a peg-leg, patch-eyed, carrot-loving pirate who sails the seas in search of adventure. Brandishing not one, or two, but three carrots, pirate bunny will not be trifled with. He does, however, enjoy a good joke.

Pirate bunny is a great find for any bunny collector, fun to wear for Easter, and a MUST-have for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarg!

EB-AHS010: OHM Pirate Rabbit (New Arrival), pirate, talk like a pirate day, carrot, bunny, rabbit, peg leg, pirate

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Carrot who?

Do you carrot all about me?

I'm thrilled with the level of detail the jewelers were able to get on these pieces. Amazing! The pirate Ship has tiny cannons and even ocean waves on the bottom. The Pirate Crest has the tiniest skulls wrapping around to the back.