Monday, June 21, 2010

Charmish is green!

Did you know that Charmish has a green office? Both literally and figuratively?

I purchase recycled office supplies, of 60-100 % post consumer content. Yes, even the fancy little charm boxes are made of recycled paper and cardboard.

I keep a file of old paper with a blank back side for use in sketching designs, making to do lists, and general office work.

I reuse all incoming cardboard packaging and envelopes. If the envelopes are clean and undamaged I send them out with orders or other outgoing shipments. If a box or envelope has been marked or damaged, it is used for office storage, or as a last step, packaging and boxes are shipped back to the recycling factory.

I have a request. Please recycle as much as you can on your end. Recycle your paper mail, envelopes, paper scraps, boxes, and breathe easy; next generation will thank us!

So if you receive a Charmish recycled, repaired package, with extra decorations of course, just smile, knowing I've done my job.

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