Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where to find your Charmish charms?

Many customers continue to write to me, asking how they get their charm fix now that I'm not retailing.  You can visit the Ohm Beads website to find a store near you, and shop on line at European Bling. 

Thank you for all the sweet letters.  Keep collecting! 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Next Great Adventure!

Dear friends, I have a big announcement for you.  I've retired from my position as designer for Ohm Beads and am taking over as owner and designer for Nettles Jewelry.  It is a wholesale line of jewelry utilizing recycled glass to make lovely frames for the art.  I'm thrilled about the new venture, but this also means I will stop retailing Ohm Beads and will miss all of you. 

On this note, I will be holding my last sale.  15% off all jewelry in my Charmish shop this Friday-Sunday.  Please use the code "NEXTADVENTURE" during your check-out for the discount.  Free shipping.

 You are welcome to follow my adventures and see some of my new line on our new Nettles Jewelry facebook page.  When the website is up next month, you'll be able to use the "store locator" to find shops and galleries near you that carry the Nettles Jewelry line. 

Thank you for being such sweet customers.  I will miss you! 

"Discovering the giant fern trees on a hike in New Zealand in March"

Cheers, and onto the next big adventure,
Aly Hennessey
jewelry designer