Thursday, September 24, 2009

English Tea and New Necklace

English Tea Set is my latest design. I like the off-set feature, so they are different on each side.
Flower Tea Cup, Flower Tea Pot. I was tempted to sell them as a set......

I would like charm lovers to be able to wear their charms on a necklace. The one necklace I had in the shop was rather dear, so I've been searching for something more affordable. I bought one of these handmade Viking style chains for myself and just love it. It's made by basically hand knitting the wire, then drawing it down through wooden "drawplates" with a smaller and smaller diameter, until the little loops of wire are fine and smooth.

I've been wearing mine for three months now and adore it. I can wear pendants as well as my charm beads! 15" which is about collar bone length. If you are interested in a longer style, let me know.

I'm also going to carry a really simple silicone rubber necklace. It's fun and inexpensive. May also be a nice accompaniment to a gift bead.

These will all be in the shop in the next few days.

Happy week all!

PS, do you like the larger print? I think it's easier to read. Please tell me if it looks dorky.
xo Aly


  1. love the viking style necklace and am very intrigued about the silicone rubber ... can't wait to see
    larger print looks great!

  2. Thanks for feedback about larger print. I squint at blogs unless they bother withthe larger print!