Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Designs Sneek Peek - charm bracelet beads

Look who's here?! It's Mrs Gnome! While I'm waiting on a refill for Mr Gnome, his sweetheart came to visit. I will be listing Mrs Gnome charm beads later today. I have a small first batch, then restock will be higher. So don't worry.

She's cute and forest-rustic style, just like I had planned. She has a long braid down the back.

More new goodies are on my desk! Unicorn, Lil Devil/Lil Angel set, new pieces in the hands series, and lots of lovely, Love-themed Valentines charms. Shop early to get the best selection!

The Kangaroo Mum and Joey charm is in. As many of you know, half of my family is Australian. It's a special pleasure making Australian themed charms. I've seen so many of OZ special creatures depicted as the lone Koala, the single male kangaroo, and I've chosen my series to be about the marsupial MUMS. :-) I have Sydney Opera house, Koala, Kangaroo, Echidnea, Clown Fish, and I am open to other suggestions you have for Australian animals and sites.

Here is the proud mother kangaroo, with cute Joey in her pocket. I'll never forget the visit I had to a kangaroo sanctuary where a friendly mother let me admire and gently pet the gorgeous Joey in her pouch. He looked up at me through incredibly long eye lashes, with an air of complete contentment.

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The List: as you all know, The List is the place I collect the charms you each would like and I convo you when I'm able to get a refill. As the year turned over, the List has been able to turn into pre-ordering. My jewelers are able to get my restock orders faster now, so pre-ordering is easy! Yey! I'm very happy about that. Order what you like, and I'll get them in for you at record speed.

Current work:
Some of you have been asking what I'm currently working on for this year. I will scan some of my sketches to show you in my next blog entry, but shhhhh, don't tell Pandora, I don't want any of them stealing our secret plans.

I thank each and every one of you for your orders, which allows me to design more of the good stuff. Happy happy!

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