Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrate Halloween with Charmish

Hi, if we haven't met yet, I'm Aly, head designer at Ohm Beads. Charmish is my little corner of the world, where we can chat, preview my new designs and you can get your Ohm Beads directly from the designer. If you we are familiar, hello and welcome to the purrrrfectly delightful release party!

Halloween is so much fun! I have a few decorations up already and plan to have all the funky witches, cats, pumpkins, ghosts, and lights up by this weekend. I like the cute, glittery and vintage style decorations rather than the truly creepy.

Will you dress up for Halloween? My kids are 8 and 10, so we are big into home made costumes and trick or treat and parties with friends, not that one really needs an excuse, right?

What is your favorite Halloween memory as a child?
That's funny, I ask you, and immediatly think of the time I thought it would be awesome to glue sequins to my cheeks for my alien costume. Great effect, but Ouch later!

What is your favorite thing about the holidays now?
Along with decorating, I love going on the crazy hay ride to pick out pumpkins with my kids, then carving them on the kitchen floor while baking the seeds.

Are you ready to see what I have in my bag of tricks for you?

Tomorrow, Charmish (my etsy shop) will be filled with treats for you and your friends. All the Halloween classics from us at Ohm Beads, plus my brand new designs for this year, hot off the presses.

Classics include Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spinners, Vampire, Chainsaw Dude, The Good Witch and her Cat (of course), Wizarding Hat, Werewolf (or the Vampire/Werewolf set), Frankenstein, Skulls and the Angel/Devil set.

Introducing the new Halloween Flip Bead exclusive: Puuuurfect for the occasion, Ms Kitty and her Bat buddy adorn one side, flip to the other side, for the Halloween spider web. Don't worry, Ms Spider will be your new friend. The edges are adorned with orange glittery bling. Want to see this in 3-D ? Only 50 of these were produced, and I have 10 for sale. Be the only ghoul on your block to have one!

Frank has been a single fella for two years now, in bead time, so I hope you'll be enchanted to meet The Bride of Frankenstein. Congrats Frank! Collect them as a set, or just your favorites. I love her tall hair (hello Marge Simpson!) and sweetly bandaged hands. She's ready to rock this Halloween.

Let me introduce you to the wild and wonderful, Vampiress. Fans of the Halloween season, and shows like True Blood, and Twilight rejoice.

Fly your brooms on over for a cheerful cup of cider and a wiz around the shop.
Aly of Charmish.etsy.com

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