Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snow WOMAN- inside the design delema

Holidays are coming (sorry to mention, but designers must plan in advance) and I'm working on a snow woman charm bead.

How to depict a snow woman without giving her snow breasts? Does she need them? Do they define womankind? Yes and no. Would it be amusing in a fun way? I find this one cute.

I like the idea in some cartoons, but don't think I'd like it on my bracelet. I think this is funny, then have to wonder why humankind is so obsessed with breasts.

I object to the typical apron as definition as a woman. It's cute in the above cartoon, but you won't see that on my design.

Can she just be a SnowWoman because I say so?

I've come across this book about the History of Snowmen. The website is amusing. I may have to buy the book.

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