Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trick or Treat!

With Halloween coming, I'm excited to get all my friends set up with their fav new charms. Vampire and Werewolf have been the hot duo . Charmish is nicely inhabited by odd creatures at the moment. Check out some of the cute (or gruesome) newbies....... Happy Pumpkin....


Wizarding Hat.........great for year'round Harry Potter fans, as well as young and old wizards, alike.

Cute Chainsaw guy (aka Jason)...... why, just tell me why, is he so popular with the ladies?

and more. Have you met the Sock Monster yet?


Sneak Peek:
The latest addition to the Crafter's Series: "I Love Knitting" bead. Soon to make her fuzzy debut in Charmish.

New addition to the Charmish jewelry line:

The latest way to wear your charms? On a charm necklace, of course. I searched high and low for a necklace that
- is made for our charms,
- a price we can afford,
- and looks great as a plain chain or featuring our favorite bead/s.

Ladies, I give you the Viking weave chain. It's chain made by hand, in an old style that's close to knitting with wire. The chain turns out to have a supple hand, and the same diameter as our bracelets. The necklace is 15", which puts your beads up by the collar bone, where they'll be seen. This chain is gorgeous on it's own, fits larger pendants with a big enough loop, and is the perfect way to wear favorite charm beads or glass. I've test driven one for months before listing them for you. (Do I go to the mat for my girls or what??)

Holiday savings:
My silver bracelets on sale through the Winter holidays for $32 (down from $45). I hope it makes gift-giving even sweeter.

My bracelets are solid sterling (of course, everything I design and sell is solid, healthy silver or glass), with a sturdy enclosure clasp, and the threads on the end of the bracelet, so your beads can't fall off when it's open. I've seen some magnetic clasps for sale on Etsy. Stay away from those, they can pop open.

Happy Halloween everyone!
Dress up cute, have fun, and rock the Casaba.!


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