Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Design Release Party at Charmish!!!

Tomorrow, Friday morning, Charmish is having a New Designs Release Party (morning, Oregon time). I'll be listing many of my brand new designs one after the other. YEY!!! Some, like this Sock Monkey bead, I've been waiting on for 6 months. I'm so excited!!!

Sock Monkey is my new favorite bead, so come see him and all his new friends tomorrow morning. Please bring a friend. There may be prizes and specials going on!


  1. I have never understood the US fascination of sockmonkeys, but I bet this one will be popular :)
    Good luck with your release party!

  2. Hi Profusion! LOL, the design release party was great fun, and easier to explain than sock monkeys. They are pure kitsch value. Something that was sort of cute, sort of cheesy when you were a kid, then you don't see them for years, and suddenly people are making them again. Just cute and silly.