Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Elemental Charm Bracelet

The Elements at your fingertips: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Pandora style European charm bracelet. Collect the beads that represent who you are, what your life is about, who you love, what makes your world go 'round.

This is the first set created from my original drawings. Now all the pieces are united. Sold as a full set or individually. You can look into the symbolism of each element, choose the one that goes with your zodiac sign, or that of your loved one, choose an element that brings balance to your personality, or goes with your profession! Are you a pilot? Air! Do you teach scuba or windsurfing? Water! Are you a trail guide? Earth! Are you a firefighter, or chef? Fire! See what fun we can have with the elements?

Definition: The four basic elements are air, earth, fire, and water. Understanding what each element represents helps us evaluate where our individual strengths and weaknesses are.

Air = THOUGHT and represents intellect, mental intention, and connection to universal life force.

Earth = STABILITY and represents grounding, foundation of life, substance, connection to life path, and family roots.

Fire = DESIRE and represents energy, tool for transformation, connection to personal power, and inner strength.

Water = EMOTIONS and represents emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection.

Every day we warm ourselves by Fire,

Wash ourselves in Water,

Feel the Wind in our hair,

Walk upon the Earth.

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  1. I looked for these particular charms on etsy, but couldn't find them. How can I get a set of the element charms?