Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locks and Stoppers

Greetings! I listed my first set of locks over Valentines, and since they've sold I've had several requests for more locks. So let's chat about what locks are and what they do and don't do for your charm bracelet.

There are two types of locks. Pandora locks clip over the little built in bumps on Pandora brand bracelets, allowing the bracelet to be divided into three sections. This is a wonderful feature for people just starting their charm collection. No matter how you move, some beads will always be on top rather than all sliding to the bottom.

Stopper locks are for bracelets without the little bumps. They have a strip of silicone inside to keep them from sliding. Clip them anywhere on your bracelet to create sections. Be GENTLE with the silicone as it can peel out. Pandora wearers can also buy stopper locks and just remove the silicone so the lock will fit on the intended bump.

Once the bracelet is full, your locks look like any other lovely charm bead, or you can take them off and start a second bracelet. You can have two matching locks or two different ones. Enjoy!

These are my two new locks. The top is the Spring stopper lock (with silicone for bracelets without bumps) and the bottom is Magnetic Hearts for Pandora bracelets with bumps. Now available in Charmish.

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