Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gnome Set

Awww, the whole set is together at last. I designed these charms about six months ago, and Mr Gnome was released first, then by the time Mrs Gnome came out, Mr Gnome was all sold out. It's lovely to see them all together at last!

Mr and Mrs Gnome and their unique Mushroom house:

Mr. Gnome will love to give you advice on your garden, walk in the woods with you, and tell stores of all his woodland adventures. Mrs. Gnome will love to tell you happy stories about the woodland animals she cares for, the right herbs to cure your cold, and share her recipe for hazelnut tea cake. You'll also want to wear their cute little Mushroom house, with tiny windows and mailbox.

A great bead for everyone who loves gnomes, woodland charms, forest, mushrooms, gardening, and cuteness!

You can find the set for sale at Charmish. It's always a good deal to purchase my sets because you get a discount AND free worldwide shipping.

Woodland Tree is a good Gnome set companion and also currently in stock.

Have a great Friday!

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