Monday, July 19, 2010

Gift Ideas using Boys and Girls Charms

Summer is a great time to plan your engrave-able holiday charm bead gifts. Girls and Boys charm beads are designed with a plain back so you can take it to your local jewelers and have your child's name engraved on the back.

Great ideas include:
  • Grandma's brag bracelet. Combine Boys and Girls with birthstones and favorite hobbies.Gift for new mother: engrave the baby's name and birthdate.
  • Memorial bead for loved ones who have passed on to the other side. This is often a great comfort. Not so much a holiday gift, but an acknowledgment during an important time.
  • Sweeties beads: put your and your sweetheart's name on a set.
  • Adoption/surrogate brag bracelet: add the child's name or special wish for child on the back of the bead.
  • Mother's day bracelet: hey, any day can be Mother's Day! Add a charm for each child, Mother's favorite colors, foods, hobbies, and beads that symbolize special vacations and memories.

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