Monday, July 19, 2010

Avatar The Last Air Bender - choose your element!

The Last Air Bender movie is out. Have you seen it yet? I'm a big fan of the cartoon series, which was probably a sub-conscious influence on my Elements series, one of the first sets I designed for Ohm Beads.

While designing, I was thinking of the classic Chinese elements that relate to one's birth date, and imagining the beads to look like hand carved wood, with inlaid jewels. One of the few horizontally laid out designs, which is especially great for necklaces and rings designed to hold European Charm bead jewelry or Pandora style glass beads.

Wear your favorite tribe's charm on your bracelet, or choose the element associated with your zodiac sign. See each bead's listing in Charmish Beads for more information about the symbolism behind each one.



The four tribes united.

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  1. Oh Alysse these are awesome!
    Go Team Avatar!!!