Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Care for your European Beads

Summer is officially ON! Time for the pool, hot tub, and the great outdoors. Please follow these tips to keep your precious, silver, European bead charm bracelets safe and shiny.

Pool? Don't wear your jewelry in the pool. Chlorine is rough on the silver and removes the lovely oxidation.

Hot tub? Don't do it. Chlorine issues, plus the hot water, damages any CZ crystals you may have.

Cleaning house. Be sure your charm bracelet doesn't come in contact with chemical cleaning products as it will ruin the finish. Natural cleaners are better for your health as well.

Sun block lotion? Good for you for remembering to use your sunblock. Your beads will look great sparkling in the sunlight! And will appreciate a quick rinse and towel dry at the end of the day.

Summer cleaning: some European bead experts suggest wiping your beads down each evening. That may be more upkeep than most of us care to do. I suggest giving your beads a quick weekly polish in the summer months. Use a soft silver polish cloth, available in jewelry stores and through Charmish. It's fun to buff the little beads and your bracelet, bringing them back to a gleaming shine. It only takes moments. Don't use liquid silver polish on your beads as it will remove the oxidation (the lovely darkened areas in the designs).

With a little care and occasional cleaning, your charm bracelet will gleam for a lifetime, and be handed down for generations to come.


  1. Hi Aly :)

    I've just taken to giving my bracelet a little wipe over with a polishing cloth each week, it really does make those sweet little beads sing!!!! :)

    love the new blog :)

  2. Thanks!

    Yea, they shine like new with the polishing cloth buff. I enjoy doing it.