Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crafter's Series

Please wave and welcome the new Crafters Series charm beads. Some of you might know I have a background in Costume Design and I also love to create in textiles. I sew almost every day.

As they are my favorite bead designs so far, let's have a little celebration. The first person to guess, and you must guess before the beads sell and arrive at someone's house, WHAT I've had inscribed in wee letters on the bottom of the Sewing Machine, gets a mystery prize. Hint: it's only one word, but it makes most of us creative types very happy.

The Pin Cushion Tomato. Isn't it so cute?? I'm selling them as a set because, it's like, like, um, a pool without its water! Trying hard to come up with a summer themed analogy.

The Sewing Machine bead charm. It's my favorite bead to wear. I love how the bracelet is seen through the machine and the bit of fabric being sewn.


  1. oooooohhhhhh.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    oh my I'm trying to think what the weeee little word would be... maybe 'Inspiration' (that may be too long, but inspiration certainly makes me happy)

  2. Can I guess twice?
    I am thinking 'crafty' or 'create', and can't decide between the two :)
    I really like your new series, especially the wishingwell, cupcake and picknick basket. You do excellent work.
    Well done, Lene

  3. Profusion!! You guessed it! It says "Create" on the bottom of the sewing machine.

    Thanks Lene! Sorry I didn't see your comment before.

    You win a surprise in the mail from me, now I have to get your Denmark address.