Monday, July 20, 2009

To Glass or Not To Glass?

I am having some very special glass commissioned from a lampworking friend- details to be revealed soon- hush hush and all that!

I'm interested in carrying glass for my Charmish customers. I am a big fan of lampwork and have bought beautiful pieces from etsy artists around the world, for my bracelet.

I'd like your feedback on the subject. Would you like to take my poll? Left bar and scroll down... see it? If you have further comments, go ahead and leave them in the comments box. Love ya!


  1. Hey Aly :)

    I have just added my very first artisan lampwork bead to my bracelet, so am looking forward to seeing what you have planned :)

  2. Hi G,
    Ok, but only if you don't tell. (whispering) Plan A is designer glass only with recycled glass, which I haven't seen done anywhere else before. Very exciting. I get to see the pieces this week....SsssssHHHHhhhh........